20 Jul 2011

New Version Now Removes Apps from Firefox

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Visicom Media today announced the release of the new version of its Browser Cleaner utility. In addition to removing toolbars and Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) from Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as apps from Google Chrome, the newest release can now remove add-ons and plug-ins from the Firefox browser.

Firefox add-ons have become popular because they allow users to customize their browsers with added functionality, while plug-ins are small bits of third-party software, like the Adobe Flash Player. However, having too many add-ons and outdated plug-ins can severely impair browsing performance. With Browser Cleaner, users can ensure a better browsing experience by improving performance and reliability.

Browser Cleaner removes more than 250,000 unwanted toolbars, apps, add-ons, and plug-ins per month. Java and Adobe BHOs, the Conduit Engine, and the Ask Toolbar are among the top toolbars and BHOs removed from browsers.

Main features of the new release include the following:

  • Removal of Firefox add-ons and plug-ins (Firefox 5 supported)
  • Cleaning of the Windows start-up folders to remove unwanted applications that load when the computer boots up
  • Support of Internet Explorer in 64-bit mode

Browser Cleaner is totally free and can be downloaded from browsercleaner.com.

Browser Cleaner is the first free tool to specifically address toolbar cleanup for each browser and to allow users to keep only the toolbars and apps they really need. By distributing Browser Cleaner free of charge, Visicom Media hopes to keep the toolbar and app market user friendly.

About Visicom Media

Visicom Media has developed a leading toolbar platform that enables publishers to engage with users and enhance their browsing experience. Some of the most recognized brands on the Web have put their trust in the Dynamic Toolbar platform, including Yahoo!, Comcast, NASDAQ, VeriSign, Oracle, Verizon, Date.com, iMesh, Miniclip, and Big Fish Games.

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  1. alexandra says:

    I think this is great: Cleaning of the Windows start-up folders to remove unwanted applications that load when the computer boots up.

  2. michael attard says:

    I have got the version 1 of the browser cleaner and i believe its a wonderful program.Thank u very much.

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