06 Oct 2011

Browser Cleaner Does More than Delete Toolbars

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Browser Cleaner is the best tool if you need to delete toolbars from your browser. Browser Cleaner is already removing over 1 million toolbars per month and among the top toolbars deleted, we find Conduit toolbars, Yahoo Toolbar, Ask Toolbar and Google Toolbar, and Bing Toolbar. However, Browser Cleaner does more than delete toolbars.

In addition to deleting toolbars and plug-ins, Browser Cleaner can remove unwanted apps from Google Chrome. Removing apps can be somewhat complicated (go in options, tools, and extensions), and it is much easier to do with Browser Cleaner. Browser Cleaner will list all the apps for your Chrome browser. You simply need to click the checkbox beside each app that you want to delete and then click on the Delete button and it’s done.

One other interesting capability of Browser Cleaner is the removal of applications from your Windows startup folder. The startup folder contains all the applications that launches when you boot up your computer. So if you ever want to see what’s in there, you can use Browser Cleaner and look for the Windows Startup tab. Again, if you want to delete anything in the list, just click each checkbox and click the Remove Selected Startup Item button.

Browser Cleaner remains the expert at deleting these countless toolbars. However, you can clean up your Chrome browser and your startup folder as well and it is much simpler with Browser Cleaner and it’s free! Click to download now.

3 Responses to “Browser Cleaner Does More than Delete Toolbars”

  1. Nancy Becker says:

    Just need to remove few apps.

  2. Malikah Manasseh says:

    I have an iPad2 with several apps and books I want to remove. I’m on my IPad now but ur program is sending me to logmein and that doesn’t help the situation. Can you help with this issue please?

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