18 Jul 2013

How to Remove SweetPacks Toolbar

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Browser Cleaner makes it easy to uninstall SweetPacks and take back your browser! In just a few steps you can remove SweetPacks and restore all of your old browser settings.

Remove SweetPacks with Browser CleanerStart by opening Browser Cleaner (click here to download) and selecting all instances of Sweet Packs – there will be several under Firefox and Internet Explorer. Browser Cleaner will also detect SweetPacks BHO’s (Browser Helper Objects) which should be selected for removal as well. Once you have them all checked off click on ‘Remove Selected Toolbars’ to uninstall SweetPacks for good.

SweetPacks changes many of your browser settings which you will probably want to reset. You can find instructions on changing your home page settings here. SweetPacks can also change your New Tab settings, which is a pain to get back. This article from Firefox explains how to change New Tab settings.


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