25 Jul 2013

How to Remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar by Conduit

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Here at Browser Cleaner HQ we see a lot of questions about how to uninstall Mixi.DJ Toolbar, and rightfully so. Mixi.DJ Toolbar will take over your browser, change your homepage and collect search data from your searches. Browser Cleaner can help you get rid of Mixi.DJ for good!

Start by launching Browser Cleaner (which you can download by clicking here) and look for Mixi.DJ. Uninstall these items. Browser Cleaner will also give you an option to run your Control Panel, which you should do. Look in your control panel for anything published by Mixi or Conduit and remove these programs as well. The last step is to go into your add-ons menu in your browser and remove Mixi.DJ as a search provider. Now all of the pieces of the Mixi.DJ toolbar should be removed from your computer.

If Mixi.DJ changed your homepage when you installed it, read this article on changing your homepage settings

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