22 Aug 2013

How to Uninstall Babylon Toolbar

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Since we launched Browser Cleaner we have always received questions about removing Babylon toolbar. Babylon can be tricky to uninstall, but with the help of Browser Cleaner it can be a painless process. Start by finding all instances of Babylon in Browser Cleaner (you can get Browser Cleaner here). Babylon will be listed under Firefox and Internet Explorer so make sure to check each item to remove it. Once you have removed Babylon, Browser Cleaner will give you the option to run your control panel. Look in your control panel to see if Babylon installed any other software or programs – just look for Babylon under the publisher name.

Babylon may have changed your homepage when you installed it. If you need to change your homepage settings you can read about that here.

Good luck removing Babylon and tell us about other unwanted toolbars you’ve gotten rid of with Browser Cleaner in the comments.

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