03 Oct 2013

How to Remove Whitesmoke Toolbar

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We see a lot of requests for Browser Cleaner to remove the Whitesmoke Toolbar. If you accidentally installed the Whitesmoke toolbar or just want to get rid of it, Browser Cleaner has you covered in a few simple steps!

Start by launching Browser Cleaner, which can be downloaded here, and select the Whitesmoke Toolbar under each of your browsers. If there are other toolbars or add-ons listed that you want to remove, check them off as well. Click Remove and the Whitesmoke Toolbar will be cleared from your browsers forever. Browser Cleaner will give you the option to run your control panel. Whitesmoke may have installed a search protect which you can find and delete from your control panel. Lastly, installing Whitesmoke probably changed your homepage. We have instructions on how to change it back here.

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