14 Nov 2013

How to Remove Incredibar Toolbar

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We see a lot of questions about the Incredibar Toolbar. Browser Cleaner can help you remove Incredibar from your computer. Incredibar Toolbar was probably installed on your computer without your knowing while you were downloading another program.

Incredibar Toolbar is an adware program that will change your homepage and search provider, cause your browser to crash, and bombard you with pop-up ads. It will take a few steps to completely remove it and get your browser back to normal.

  1. Start by opening Browser Cleaner (which you can download free here) and selecting all lines for Incredibar. The toolbar will likely be under more than just one browser so be sure to check them all. If there are other unknown programs or toolbars listed select them too. Click remove to delete the add-on.
  2. Open your Control Panel and look for any other programs published by Incredibar. These aren’t toolbars or add-ons, but other programs that were installed with your toolbar. Double click to uninstall each one.
  3. Open your browser settings or options menu and change your homepage. You can read more about that here.

Now just restart your browser and you should be back to normal!

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